Courtney Goldstein Intuitive Healer

Are you ready to experience a deep emotional healing? So you can begin to live the life you dream about. Let’s create magic together.

There are no accidents we found each other. Let me help you see your life through what I call rose-colored glasses, which are actually real. It’s time you see your life in a completely different way, a much more beautiful way. Are you ready for a transformation? Have you been asking for more, more joy, more happiness, more peace? Have you felt like something is missing? Let me help you see your life from what I would say is “the highest place- your soul’s truest vision of yourself”. It’s time you remember that you are already perfect your glasses are just foggy. It’s time to see clearly. Let’s change the story. So you can start fully living.

When we change the way we look at things the things we look at change.

You are already perfect you just don’t know it yet….that’s about to change.

Are you sick of seeing your imperfections, living in your story?

Sick of feeling unworthy, feeling like you’re not enough, not feeling seen and/or heard.

Are you tired of the fear, the anxiety, the stress of daily life?

Maybe you think you’ll never be enough, you don’t have enough, you will never have enough.

You are not getting the love you desire.

You not seeing how fabulous you truly are.

Let me help you find that person that you already are and always have been, it’s right there you just forgot, I will help you remember.

Most people give up right before they are meant to succeed. Don’t let be you!

“I never felt the love I felt as in the session we had together. All I can say is thank you.”


Let me help you clear old stories and old wounds so you can create the life you want

Intuitive Guide Courtney Goldstein

Understand repeating patterns in your life and relationships

Recognize blocks in the way of achieving your goals

Gain clarity about challenging experiences and circumstances

Begin to love your life

Love yourself fully

Love all the relationships around you

Find and allow the new love into their life.

Find passion in their jobs or get a new job.

Learn how to find peace from within

Many of my clients end up losing weight without even trying as they feel a new lightness, they have much more energy and feel physically great.

Find your wholeness

Find your souls purpose and life path.

My name is Courtney some call of my clients call me their “spiritual cheerleader”. I am an intuitive healer who uses Holy Fire Reiki energy to shift the unthinkable. I am Reiki Master and use the Akashic records to get into a deeper place with you. The Akashic Records is an energetic library of knowledge of information that contains the details of your soul and its journey, it’s also known as God’s book of life. They span past lives, present incarnations, and future possibilities. By allowing me to access them you are allowing me to connect to your masters, teachers, and loved ones. They are brilliant! This allows me to see your highest potential, I get to see you from the highest light, it’s a magical experience for both of us. When I open the records and connect with your masters teachers and loved ones there is an immediate vibrational change in my clients they feel loved like they need to. What I find is that many times patterns are revealed, and come to the surface while in the records – so they can be healed. What separates me from others, is my clearing ability with Holy Fire Reiki, this energy allows me to clear things in a quicker way than we can imagine possible. Stagnate beliefs that have been held for years, are clear as well as the old energy, the old stories they no longer have to be yours. The reiki energy stays with you to continue healing you even after our sessions. It’s time to get clear! Maybe the energy it’s even yours, you simply picked it up along the way. You no longer have to stay in your ancestral story, so many times we’re holding the pain of our ancestors and we’re not even aware of it. We are simply replaying the story over and over and over again.

My dream is to work with as many beautiful souls as possible and show them that they are so loved, they matter and they are fabulous. We all are, we just forgot. Let me help you remember that you are extraordinary.

What to expect from an intuitive coach

Let’s go back and clear the old so you can soar higher

There’s no time like the present to start clearing out your old thought patterns, lingering wounds, limiting beliefs, and past habits that are no longer serving you. I want to help you start living your best life. When you connect to your higher self your guides you will see yourself from a different perspective. You begin to see your truest self. You will see that you are perfect right now and that all is absolutely divine. That’s how you begin to create the life you always imagined.

You are able.

The word magic has ancient Proto-Indo-European roots that can be traced back to the root magh, meaning “to be able, to have power.” A magical life, then, is one in which you can confidently say, “I am able.”

You deserve all of life’s magic. Your soul longs for love, understanding, connection, acceptance, fulfillment, authenticity, purpose, and abundance. You found your way here because some inner voice or subconscious problem solver knew the way. Don’t you think it’s time to answer that message? Isn’t it time to let your soul dance you through life?

Magic awaits you.

“This was my first experience with the records and it won’t be my last. It was incredibly healing and magical. Courtney is a true light and I highly recommend you working with her.”


You intuitively know it is time to get ‘unstuck’ from whatever holds you back. Take the next step and join me by simply scheduling a session. I can’t wait to work with you.

Are you ready to wake up and believe?

My beautiful clients have shifts that they can’t explain other than to say it’s magical. Are you ready for some magic?

I believe that we create our lives through intention. And if we are not creating life intentionally, we are creating it unconsciously.

Many times we are holding old stories, old patterns, we constantly repeating old paradigms from our childhood or even our ancestors’ stories. Who knows maybe even past lives, now that’s way too long. It’s time to move forward clearly, it’s time to remove subconscious blocks that are holding you back. It’s time to move forward with purpose and it’s time you believed in magic.

Easy way to feel amazing right now

10 minute meditation to shift your energy, to feel more love and peace right now. Are you ready, everything can change right now. It’s that easy. It’s my gift to you.

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Energy exchange prices

Spiritual Coaching- Let's Continue Creating

$777/4 sessions
  • 4 75-minute sessions to inspire and guide your path to a magical life
  • Tap into your Akashic Record for insights into your soul's purpose
  • Continued partnership for incremental life mastery
  • Become your true purpose and create a daily practice
  • Break through any barriers that are holding you back from taking your life to the next level
  • Texts and emails to support you between sessions
  • Other customized resources to assist you on your journey

* If you cannot find a time that works for you, or if you are in need of an emergency session, please email me:

Let me help you remember your soul and get out of your head

Courtney helps people change their subconscious beliefs so they are better able to see their old patterns of thinking and behaving. Her healing modality allows her clients to tap into and transform the subconscious beliefs that limit self-esteem, relationships, work performance, and physical health. Her intuitive process creates amazing results!

“Courtney is a highly intuitive and brilliant coach who has helped me to further step into my own light and launch two heart-centered programs that 10Xed my business sales and impact. Courtney has a beautiful balance of leaning into her training and excellence in coaching and tapping into her highly intuitive abilities as a clear channel and empath to help you create your ideal future. She has been one of the most helpful, kind, intuitive, generous, and powerful coaches I have worked with and would recommend Courtney if you are looking to transform your business, health, mindset, and live a more powerful life.”

Julie Reisler, MA, ACC, Intuitive Coach, TEDx Speaker, Bestselling Author, Heart-Centered Facilitator, Georgetown University Faculty

“My life has changed for the better since working with Courtney. Even after one session, I had a different perspective of the situation I thought was unsolvable. I have never experienced anything quite like it. I have scheduled multiple sessions since I now feel like anything is possible. I realize now that I am capable of so much more than I had believed. I have taken steps I never imagined I could. I feel better and more comfortable in my life and in my body. I feel like I am finally making decisions that make me happier by not always putting everyone else first. I am so grateful for you, Courtney. Thank you for being such a beautiful clear channel of light for me. You are truly an angel.”

Anne C., Wife and Mother of two, Corporate Sales and Marketing Executive turned Entrepreneur

“Courtney, you always lift me up! I feel so much lighter after our session. Thank you for helping me shift my nonprofit organization from tiny glimpses of hope to greater encounters of impact. Without our call, I may still be twiddling my thumbs with worry and doubt versus letting go to God a greater opportunity to help others - more so than I could ever fathom! I was in a midst of chaos and our call set me free. You taught me to let go. And with that comes endless possibilities. Thank you so much. Life is better with YOU! 🙂 I feel lighter today. I appreciate you so much for your grounded wisdom, kindness, and enjoyment. What a blessing you are!”


“Courtney I can’t thank you enough. You have helped me find great peace. I am more in love with my husband, I have more patience my kids, but most of all I am kinder to myself. I am so grateful for the journey you took me on. I am so happy.”


“I was blessed to have a reading with Courtney, it literally changed my life and gave me so much relief. It was an incredible process and I highly recommend it to anyone who is feeling like they want a change, that something seems a little off. I am so grateful I did it. She is really wonderful and I’m so grateful I found her. I can’t tell you how different my life feels it’s wonderful! I can’t wait till our next session.”


Meet your intuitive guide, energy healer, and coach:

Courtney Goldstein Intuitive Guide

Courtney Goldstein Intuitive Guide

I have been given this gift, it’s a great tool that allows people’s lives to shift for the better. I am forever grateful. With this gift I was given I hope to touch as many lives as I can, and to remind people the beauty that they already are. You are perfect, you are are a gift, you have a gift, you are meant to shine. You were born on purpose for purpose. I know everyone is uniquely special and extraordinary. It’s time to remember that you are amazing and you always have been. It’s time you shined your light on the world, it’s time you stop hiding, stopped playing safe. Let’s stop hiding and let’s begin to shine.

Courtney is a living spark who ignites positivity, energy, love, awareness and mindfulness in others. When you meet her, you immediately feel more connected and relaxed, for her ability to love without judgment is contagious.

Courtney incorporates into her guide work lessons from her own studies, practice, and spiritual journey. Courtney is certified in Usui Reiki Master, a certified Akashic Records guide, a mediation guide, as a certified holistic health and nutrition coach. Courtney has used these studies and continues to learn the art of healing daily and her own unique combination of intuitive clearing techniques, meditation, astrology, astronomy, breath work, crystal healing, and mindfulness to transform her life so she can continue to help others transform theirs. What she learns on that journey she loves to share with others. Courtney reminds us that “the thoughts in our heads are not who we are.” To create with Courtney is to first reconnect yourself with the energy of your soul, where giving and receiving love are one and the same.

Originally from New York, Courtney, her three children, her husband, her Bernese Mountain dog, Lilly, and their cat, Peter have relocated their lives to South Florida. There she is always healing herself and helps others heal and create their magical lives. Are you ready?

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” -EE Cummings

Are you ready to create a wild and beautiful life for yourself? Schedule an introductory session with Courtney today. I can’t wait to see your brilliance, as that is the truth of who your are. I love you already.